art approach (paint + ink)

When I started painting, it was more of a visceral experience than a focus on the end product. It remains so. I rarely know what I'm going to create when I sprawl out on the floor in the studio. I turn on music, take a few deep breaths and enjoy the flow. Usually the pieces reveal themselves to me after a few layers, or accidental strokes.

"Unintentionalism" I like to call it. The motions of creating are fulfilling—the art is simply a byproduct.

design approach (graphic. print. web.)

Creating engaging brands that tell your story to the people who want to hear it most, by answering the needs of your business—and having fun in the process—this is what it's all about.

I manage all the moving parts so that they cohesively create a larger picture of success—connecting your customers to services and products they need—within a brand that evokes emotion and makes people take notice.


Check out some of my work.