Windows of Opportunity (shouldn'ts, couldn'ts + can'ts)  |  Spring 2019

The Windows of Opportunity series explores themes of social hierarchy, self-worth, and being “othered." Stemming from a series of ongoing "all-walks-of-life" interviews I began in 2018 — the exhibit depicts human triumph and suffering through a monochromatic motif across multiple mediums. By bringing a visual voice to emotions through the lens of “opportunity” — I hope to facilitate conversations around diversity, tolerance and mutual respect.

Loosely Defined  |  Fall 2018

The Loosely Defined series (14 original designs) is inspired by interviews conducted with 14 women across varying life experiences, ages, gender identities, professions, religions, sexualities, ethnicities, and upbringings.

Allowing for the nuances of the stories themselves to shape the direction of the work, I discovered common human-first themes despite the many differences among the interviewees. By seeking out the stories of those in my community, and bringing a visual voice to their emotions, I hope to facilitate the conversation around the importance of diversity, tolerance and mutual respect.


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